Monday, December 23, 2013

Introducing The Davidovich Bakery Licensing Program

Introducing The Davidovich Bakery Licensing Program

December 23, 2013- 

While many bagel companies claim their products are the best, only one Bagel Brand can, truly, be number  #1.  At Davidovich Bakery we take pride in the fact that we are the #1 bagel in the world, not because we say we are, but because the experts do.  If you don’t believe us ask:
·      Andrew Zimmern
·      The History Channel
·      ABC News
·      The Jon Stewart Show
·      30 Rock
·      The Wall Street Journal
·      The Village Voice
·      TIME
·      Forbes
·      The NY Daily News
·      The Discovery Channel
·      The Forward
·      Many, many more
Now entrepreneurs all over the world have a chance to open their own bagel bakery in partnership with the most trusted name in the business, Davidovich Bakery. 
Davidovich Bakery is pleased to introduce its Davidovich licensing program.  Here are some of the benefits of this amazing program:

1.      Reduced Labor Costs.   Ask any Baker and they will tell you that making bagels is one of the most labor intensive items they can produce.  By becoming a Davidovich approved store-owner you get the benefit of producing and selling the most respected bagel in the world, but we do ALL THE WORK.  Mixing, Rolling, proofing, boiling and Par Baking are all done in our historic facility in the heart of NYC.  You receive a “bake ready” product that can be prepared to perfection in no time at all and without all of the costly labor.

2.             Lower Equipment Costs.       As a participant in the Davidovich license
program you eliminate costly equipment such as mixers, formers, refrigeration, proofers, and even deck ovens.  This savings of heavy equipment and the space they occupy will lead to lower costs and higher profits; all without sacrificing the quality of the products. 

3.               Great Products.            Davidovich’s ParBaked Bagels are 5 oz, hand made, kettle boiled, plank baked using, only, the best ingredients, including the world famous NYC water.  They are also Kosher, under the supervision of the OK, one of the leading supervising agencies. 
They are dark and crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.  Our bagels come in a variety of terrific flavors. These are the bagels the Polish Immigrants brought with them to the Lower East Side and changed culinary history forever.

4.               Full Technical and Sales Support.          When you are a Davidovich Bagel Licensee you receive full technical and sales support from our dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team.  Whether you are an experienced Foodie, or just looking to learn about the bagel business, we can assist you in preparing, serving, and selling our world famous Davidovich Bagels.      We can assist in selecting the requisite new equipment, maximizing usage of existing equipment, creating Point of Sale material and much, much more.   As we continue to build our brand and increase our market penetration your investment, and business traffic, will naturally appreciate. 

5.               Brand Strength.            As a Davidovich licensee you have full authority to us approved Davidovich Intellectual property, logos, and images.  You will be able to proudly call yourself “A licensed Davidovich Bagel reseller”. 

So if you are looking to start your business, or if you are an existing business owner looking to become associated with a “destination” product, beloved by consumers around the world, to upgrade your business image contact us TODAY.  Find out why “All other bagels wish they were a Davidovich Bagel too!” ®

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Davidovich Bagels To Be Featured on Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods America (12/9)

Davidovich Bagels To Be Featured on Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods America (12/9)

December 3, 2013-  Monday December 9, 2013 will mark the premiere of an episode of the hugely popular Travel Channel phenomena, Bizarre Foods America hosted by Andrew Zimmern at 9:00PM EST.  The episode, entitled "NYC OVERNIGHT" features Andrew pulling an "All-Nighter" as he explores how the hours between Sunset and Sunrise are critical to the fresh food production business in a city of 8 million people, like NYC.

Davidovich's wholesale operation and artisan bagel making practices, which have become world renowned, are prominently featured as Davidovich's own Director of Business Development, Marc Fintz, gives Andrew the crash course on Artisan bagel making-the Davidovich way!

The show also features Brooklyn's own, ACME Smoked Fish, the world famous purveyor of the finest fish used in such fine establishments as Zabars and the newest sensation, Davidovich Bakery NYC at 120, Essex Street, NYC where customers line up for Davidovich Bagels, ACME smoked salmon, and gourmet cream cheese and a variety of other Signature Sandwiches.

Bizarre Foods

NYC OvernightNYC Overnight
New York is the city that never sleeps. Andrew pulls the night shift to explore the hidden world that fuels the Big Apple. From eating goat brains at a cabby hangout to slurping blood clams at a fish market at 4 a.m., Andrew finds out why feeding hungry New Yorkers is an all-night job.  TV-PG , CC