Friday, August 9, 2013

Are Davidovich Bagels THE BEST?

Are Davidovich Bagels THE BEST?

AUGUST 9, 2013- Any bagel company can claim their product is the best.   Many do.  You might see signs or marketing material that proudly assert  "#1 Bagel in NYC" or "World's Best Bagel".  These are bold claims and, most often, completely unsubstantiated.   Any reasonable person would agree that in order to be able to look the buying public in the eye with integrity and make these bold claims there should be some support for these assertions.  The fact is that most of these claims have no such support; they are mere Puffery.

Davidovich Bakery holds out their Davidovich Bagels as the best in the marketplace.  How does the buying public know this claim is legitimate.  Why would their claims have any more validity than any others?  Well here is the difference:

The foundation for the claim that Davidovich Bagels are the best in the world doesn't come from the company itself, as part of a self promotion campaign, it comes from the bagel community at large.  When I say the bagel community what I mean is a broad spectrum of bagel connoisseurs in the general public and the realm of esteemed, credible food experts.   The overwhelming consensus of this bagel community is that Davidovich Bagels are the best in the marketplace.  Here are just a few of those rave reviews:

"Great bagels, awesome bagels, incredible bagels!" -Posted on Social Media July 12, 2013 by Groupon Customer

 "My favorite Bagels are from Davidovich Bakery in Queens. They are a wholesaler that supplies many delis in Manhattan, including Whole Foods and Barzini's on the Upper West Side. The bagels are hand rolled, not ginormous (as too many bagels are these days), crunchy and chewy, and with that savory sweetness that makes you want a second bagel (although you shouldn't). I am a bagel purist-it's plain, sesame, and poppy for me!"-Maria Balinska, widely regarded as the foremost Bagel Expert in the World, and author of The Bagel: The Surprise History of a Modest Bread 

"The overall winner here is Davidovich Bakery. Whether their superior bagels are a product of their truly artisan process is hard to say. However, one can’t help but to suspect that their use of all natural ingredients: real sugar, unbromated, unbleached flour, and their lack of use of preservatives and artificial flavorings, might have a little something to do with it. Also, it’s well known, that when baking, allowing your dough to have a long, slow rise develops flavor, taste and complexity: Davidovich leaves their shaped, raw bagels to rise overnight. ..........Davidovich’s bagels were, in comparison, really,
 really, really good bagels."- Nadia Arumugam, FORBES MAGAZINE, May 30, 2012

The list of laudatory comments, literally, goes on and on but there is one recent comment worth highlighting.  Here is what Andrew Zimmern, world renowned and respected Foodie, and host of one of the most popular and highly rated food programs on television, Bizarre Foods America, had to say after spending an overnight with the Davidovich Bakery Team while filming an upcoming episode:

"Fresh, hot, and all about NYC.  Yours (Davidovich Bagels) are the best!!"- Andrew Zimmern on Twitter August 7, 2013 9:48PM.

These comments all speak for themselves.

If you want to be bold enough to call your product, whether its a bagel or any other item THE BEST, you need to be prepared to back up that claim.   When Davidovich Bagels calls their product the best, its not a claim, IT'S A FACT.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Link Between Breakfast, Davidovich Bagels & Good Health?

The Link Between Breakfast, Davidovich Bagels & Good Health?

August 1, 2013-While Davidovich Bakery isn't planning a major marketing campaign around the slogan that eating their bagels will save lives, a new research study does suggests that regularly skipping breakfast can have severe health consequences in adults.

The results of a 16 year study conducted by Harvard University on the impact of skipping breakfast on 27,000 test subjects concluded that those who skipped breakfast regularly had a 27% higher risk of coronary disease or heart attack than those who consumed a regular breakfast.  

According to Leah E. Cahill, Ph.d, of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University, who worked on the study, 

"skipping breakfast keeps your body in the stressful state of fasting for longer, which can disrupt your metabolism in considerable and, apparently, life-threatening, ways."  
Cahill goes on to note that many people incorporate skipping breakfast as part of a weight loss regimen. The Harvard study confirms that this prescription is not only ineffective, but dangerous to the dieter's health.

So while Davidovich Bakery may not be willing to make bold claims about how their delicious bagels are a medical necessity, it is comfortable making the assertion that if the Harvard Study has any merit, whatsoever, that eating a Davidovich Bagel is a great way to start the day.  Aside from the great taste of the products, and the fact that Davidovich Bagels are made with all natural ingredients, including unbleached, non-bromated flour, the Davidovich Bagel is among the world's most portable foods. How is this relevant? Well, according to the Harvard study, in addition to dieting, the single largest reason to skip breakfast for people was that they "were on the go and had no time to sit down for breakfast".

So, as you head in to work to start your busy day, keep in mind that you can enjoy the delicious flavor or a traditional, hand made, kettle boiled, plank baked Davidovich Bagel and feel like you are doing your heart, as well as your taste buds, some good.