Sunday, February 9, 2014

What's Cooking At Davidovich Bakery-February 2014

What's Cooking At Davidovich Bakery
February 2014
Croissant-Donuts-One of the newest products from Davidovich

February 8, 2014-            The new year has brought the promise of exciting new products, events and opportunities from the Davidovich Bakery Team.   Here are just a few of the exciting things happening in an effort to provide the wholesale world and the consuming public with the finest Artisan baked goods and service in the world:

The Food Babe
1.   Azodicarbonamide-     Prior to last week, the vast majority of the public had never heard of this widely used chemical in baked goods containing bleached flour, but thanks to, Charlotte-based Food Blogger, The Food Babe, the Subway restaurant chain has agreed to remove it from their ingredients list.  Davidovich Bakery lauds this "grass-roots" campaign to improve the health of American Consumers.  

While this change may be new for Subway, Davidovich Bakery has a long history of leading the charge towards better baking through the use of only the finest ingredients.   This includes:

  • No Azodicarbonamide in its flour
  • Only unbleached flour is used in its products
  • No, cancer causing, bromating agents are used in its products
  • No artifical enzymes, food colors or chemicals are used in any products
  • No GMO's used in any of their ingredients
The concept of "clean" baking is nothing new for the Davidovich Bakery Team-it has been part of the mission to bring consumers, not only the best tasting, but also the finest food profile in baked goods available since 1998.

The LES Sandwich
2.    National Bagel Day-      Sunday February 9, 2014 was declared National Bagel Day across the United States.   In celebration of this exciting celebration of NYC's iconic baked good, Davidovich Bakery NYC, 120 Essex Street, NY, NY 10002 will be offering a series of promotions and samplings to share its passion for their all natural, kettle boiled, plank baked, kosher bagels.   Check out the fun!

February 20th Tasting at Essex

3.   February 20, 2014 will see Davidovich Bakery and the rest of the vendors at The Essex Street Market celebrating their food purity and diversity in an all day sampling and PARTY hosted by Time Out New York and The Lower East Side Business Improvement District.  This exciting adult event will feature Celebrity Chefs, live music, food tasting and so much more.  This event is not be missed. 

As 2014 progresses be sure to check out all the exciting news, products, and happenings in and around the Davidovich Bakery and Davidovich Bakery NYC at the Essex Street Market.