Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Davidovich Bakery To Sponsor 2013 TD Five Boro Bike Tour

Davidovich Bakery - Proud Sponsor of the 2013 TD Five Boro Bike Tour
            By Katherine Sabal

Davidovich Bakery is proud to be a sponsor of the TD Five Boro Bike Tour for the second year in a row! This year’s event, which takes place on Sunday May 5th, is expected to draw an estimated 32,000 people. Davidovich Bakery will lend its support by providing nutritious and delicious mini bagels to bike tour participants at rest stops set up along the way.

So, what exactly is the TD Five Boro Bike Tour? Well, this annual event draws people from all over, inviting many to cycle through 40 miles of traffic free city streets in all five boroughs.  This year’s tour starts in Manhattan at Battery Park. From there, cyclists travel uptown and into the Bronx, down into Queens, on into Brooklyn and finally end at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island where a finish line festival will be set up with fun, music and food.

The FiveBoro Bike Tour is an event that has grown by leaps and bounds since its humble beginnings as “The Five Boro Challenge” in 1977. That year, the first tour was started and arranged by Eric Prager and Sal Cirami. Prager was commissioned by the NYC Department of Education to create a bicycle safety program and Cirami worked for the school lunch program. Together they came up with an idea for a bike tour throughout New York City. They and a committee of people worked to get things started.  On June 10, 1977, 250 people, including 50-60 high school students, participated in the first ever NYC bike tour. Today, more than 30,000 people participate on traffic free streets – it wasn’t so back then – and their achievements are celebrated with a finish line festival.

Davidovich Bakery is extremely proud to be a part of this event that celebrates and promotes cycling in New York City, an eco-friendly form of fun and transportation for everyone.