Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What is the Kouign Amann? A Primer....

What is the Kouign Amann?

There is a little, French pastry that is gaining real traction the United States bakery world and that pastry is the Kouign Amann.   Fans of this delicacy will attest that once you have tasted it you are hooked for life.  While everyone who has tasted this extraordinary delight agrees that it is first rate, there are still many questions consumers have about the product.  Here is all you need to know:

How do you pronounce the name?

In a recent sales tour of NYC I was amazed to discover that nearly 100% of the merchants, food experts, and consumers were completely unable to pronounce the pastry's name.  It is actually quite simple, the correct, phonetic pronunciation is "Kween a-mon".  Once you get past trying to sound it out and know the actual pronunciation it is easy.

What does Kouign Amann mean?

It derives its meaning from the Breton, or Celtic words for Butter Cake.   So as we uncover more about the name of the product we are also learning more about why it is so tasty.

What is the Kouign Amann?

It is a slow baked, round, crusty, cake made with bread dough and containing layers of fine french butter and sugar.  The slow baked process causes the dough to puff up and the sugar to caramelize resulting in a sweet, buttery, decadent little pastry.

Is this a new creation?

While the pastry is just coming to the attention of many in the United States it has been around since the 1860's in the western part of France, where it was created, and has been a specialty there since that time. 

Where can I get my hands on this exciting treat?

This pastry is available through the finest bakeries in the United States, like the NYC's world famous Davidovich Bakery.  The product can be found throughout NYC and the New York Metropolitan area at Whole Foods Market in the Bakery section